• Melissa Tuck

We Keep Going....

I have been feeling a bit down lately - OK total understatement - I have been feeling like a pile of warm poo that keeps getting heated in the microwave of evil every single day - I have had my family and myself worried - there has been a lot that has contributed to this but it has been hard to see the light on most days.

Just when I think I see light peering through the clouds, another knock hits me and I’m down again. 

I even stopped meditating which is ridiculous since that is usually the one thing that can sort me out. 

A few nights ago though, when I was sitting next to my sick kiddos bed so he could fall asleep, I put my head down on his pillow, and saw something that made me feel better - better than I have felt in weeks. 

My son does something called Catrabatkidz (gym for toddlers) and he got a medal last year. On the ribbon of the medal is a saying “ WE KEEP GOING".

I have obviously read it before when he got the medal, and nothing about it occurred to me then.

But in that moment, feeling as low as I did - it is just what I needed to read. 

Suddenly I remembered that this is just how life is - there are tough times and then there are good times. Through the tough times, you DO NOT GIVE UP. You don’t throw in the towel, you don’t put your head under the covers and cry. 

YOU KEEP GOING. You put your head up and get out of bed.

We keep going because we HAVE TO. Because our kids need us and they need to see that we can get through anything and that we never give up. 

Life is still in a bit of a rough patch but that saying is making me get up every morning and make it work. 

Thanks Catrabatkidz for your perfectly random saying that doesn’t have all that much to do with toddler gym yet it so perfectly penetrated my doom and gloom mind right when I needed it to. 



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