• Melissa Tuck

The Dummy Fairy

Anyone who has done this motherhood thing will know - ups and downs and big changes are par for the course. Some things I have handled pretty well....others not so much!

Potty training for example - I am in total denial and in no rush to do this. So much so that my kid is now teaching himself to use the potty and just goes and does it himself without my help. I think I am trying to keep him little for as long as possible.

A similar example is him dummy....let me start by telling you that my kid did not take to a dummy initially - he just wasn't into it. I pushed this thing on him for 6 months until he eventually took to it! Adam was such a fussy baby that I just needed this dummy to chill him out. And it worked! He took it and loved it ever since he was 6 months old. LOVES it. Maybe too much. He has a dummy and a bunny and they go hand in hand and he adores them both.

Leading up to his latest birthday, the big 3 - people started piling on the pressure, saying it is time - I need to take it away. I dreaded this day for the past few months because I knew it was coming and I think I just don;'t want him growing up!!!

Anyway - this morning was the day. The dummy fairy wrote him a letter about how he is a big boy now and can join the "dummy club" whereby every morning he puts his dummy under his pillow, and at night he gets it back (softer approach yes)

Well - he put it there, and was OK with it for a few mins but then started asking for it back:( I did not give in though...stayed positive. I know if I give in he will know that I know where it is and then I am screwed.

The premise has to be that we do not have access to it.

The true test will be tomorrow morning - to see if he gives it up again now that he knows it's for reals!

Anyway - he was a champ....I on the other hand bawled my eyes out after I dropped him off at school....he is so flippen brave. I don't want my baby to grow up:(

I will keep you posted on what happens tomorrow



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