• Melissa Tuck

Our new home

So 2 years ago we moved from our small house in Lakeside, to a house in Muizenberg. At the time, because we had been living in such a small space (especially once Adam came along) - I was really attracted to the size and the space of this Muizenberg house. It felt MASSIVE...long passage with big rooms.

I have a habit of making fast decisions. I know this about myself. I get excited and thats it - I must have it. No weighing of options, no pros and cons lists - I just do it. It's a bad thing but it can also be a good thing sometimes.

Either way - this turned out not to be a good decision. As soon as we moved in, winter showed up. And as it turns out, this house with the high ceilings, huge rooms and concrete floors.....does not see the sun AT ALL. It is shadowed by big buildings on either side so it literally doesn't get touched by the sun.

That first winter was awful. Adam was constantly sick, and I realised just how much I craved sun and light - another thing I have always known - I always have all my curtains open - I CRAVE light.

I think I was more depressed then I had been in a while in this house. Living in a cold, dark house takes it's toll.

ANYWAY fast forward 2 years and we just moved into a house in Klein Wassenaar....NEXT door to Theresa...literally!

The house is the perfect size really - on the smaller side but it has LOTS of light and warmth and it feels like....home. Everyone is happier - me, the dogs (they have a garden again!) adam, sam....its just great.

Sam also got a new job (after 7 extremely stressful months) and is working from home - so the fact we are in a happier home with a cute little office space for him is perfect timing as well.

I am constantly amazed at how the universe works - things you imagine and hope for can take months and months but eventually something happens and things fall into place.

I just need to learn how to enjoy it now without wishing for the next thing!

Good times.



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