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Dec 2019..AKA the BEST holiday

Today as my first day back at work and also time to reflect on what an amazing holiday we just had. It is hard to write all of it down but the highlights were:

1. Addo Elephant park - Adam's first bush holiday!

I had no idea what to expect from this trip to Addo because Ads has never been to the bush, never been game driving - plus it was peak Dec (so packed) and VOKKEN hot. So my expectations were set to low. However, I can honestly say it was the best part of the holiday. Adam was an absolute champ on game drives. It was also so nice to spend time just the 3 of us - especially at the start of the holiday! Camping was fun and we spent alot of time in the pool too. I think we will add this one to all our Knysna trips going forward.

2. Enricos in Plett

On our way back from Addo to knysna we decided to stop off in Plett at Enricos - a fave spot of ours. It was a hot day and we had been travelling for a while in the car so we were very keen on a stop at this point. The first thing we spotted was strawberry soft serve - i LOVE strawberry soft serve and it is so difficult to find in Cape town!! It was as delicious as my dreams had imagined it. We then went into Enricos which was packed but the service we got was fast and awesome. We ordered the Bomba pizza (obvs) which Adam loved! We then went down for a swim in the ocean before driving back to Knysna. Magic.

3. Buffalo Bay

Another fave of ours. We went for this amazing swim on New years day - perfect weather and warm water. We had a long swim and got a milky mouse.

We then went again after xmas and new year and it was cloudy and overcast and I was in a pretty grumpy mood. When we got there, the water was SO flat it was like a calm tropical island. Adam swam out deep with his armbands on - no waves to stop him. It was a very imperfect day and this absolutely made it worth it.

4. The Drift

There is something so satisfying about watching little kids have pure unadulterated fun...squeals of laughter and joy simply because they are floating in a river and picking up stones. I was there on my own with Adam and watching him, I was reminded of my own childhood when my Mom would take me there most afternoons and weekends.

5. Xmas eve

Giving up alcohol is hard. Giving up alcohol over Dec is harder. Giving up alcohol over Dec with MY FAMILY - basically impossible. The hardest is the evenings when everyone is sitting around the braai drinking and I find it hard to relax - alcohol used to be my off switch. Anyway there were a few evenings where I had a better time then I used to even with alcohol! Xmas eve was one of them and you know what - I cant even say for sure what made it special - it was perfectly ordinary. My gran and storky were there as usual and we had a braai - but the conversation, laughter and vibe made it so special. I went to bed late feeling very happy and content.

6. New years eve - another very hard event to manage without alcohol - but this one went great. I had planned for Sam and I to go down to the beach after dinner so we could try have some fun but it wasn't needed. Instead we stayed up late with my mom and played Rummi. Again, lots of laughter and music and I went to bed happy.

7. Cango wildlife ranch. I gave up a while ago trying to get my mom to do things that don't involve drinking and rather involve alot of people and admin. So I was very surprised when she agreed to come with me and Adam to Cango wildlife ranch. I was so impressed and proud of her - and in fact there were a few times over the holidays where I saw a glimpse of my old mom. It made me really happy.

8. Wow i cant believe this isnt higher on the list (although the list isn't in any order of preference) - My anniversary dinner! Sam and I had our first anniversary on the 23 Dec! Not only did I finally get a diamond ring!!?!?!?! (i had no idea this was coming either) but we went out for a glorious dinner at Sirocco. We had sushi and dessert and it was just lovely.

9. Back in CT - Glencairn beach. This was one of those perfect days where everything feels right in the world. It was a Sat so Sam was off at last. We woke up and went to this new beach Ads and I found that I love. It was perfect weather, no wind. We swam, surfed, had a picnic, the dogs were there! After we got home and Adam passed out I made us a fish lunch and then we went to nap too. After we woke up we had a really fun braai with music and me laying on the grass and swims in the pool - the kind of day I often dream of but doesn't quite work out. All this without alcohol too.



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