• Melissa Tuck

Dear Adam, on your 3rd birthday

Dear Adam

I cannot believe you are going to be 3 years old already! It’s a cliche for a reason but time really does fly, especially when your raising a toddler!

At 3 years old, there are so many things you can do! You are not a baby anymore (although you will ALWAYS be my baby) you are a big boy!

Your current favourite things:

  1. Ghetti (AKA spaghetti) I often ask if you prefer Lisa’s or mine and you say you like them both. You are so diplomatic even at such a young age - never wanting to hurt moms feelings!Sweeties - you love any kind of sweeties - who doesn’t!

  2. Treasure hunting! We love looking for rocks in the forest

  3. Lego! You have just started to enjoy building

  4. Fur (AKA Spur) You have just started wanting to order all your own things…you don’t quite understand yet that you can only order 1 meal so you tell us you want at least 3 things and then we are in trouble when only 1 arrives!

  5. Baking - your really do have a passion for cooking and baking. Your teachers say so as well - mommy would be super stoked if you had that as a career path in mind;)

  6. PICNIC - this should actually be number 1. You LOVE to picnic - and it doesn’t even have to be elaborate. It can be a piece of mango and some juice while sitting in a trolley at the shops and you call it a picnic. Your favourite ones are with Mom and dad when we go out to find a good new picnic spot.

  7. Cars, cars, cars. Yes this was on the list last year but your love for them has just grown! 

  8. Special eggs. You really enjoyed Easter this year - you often talk about and ask for “special eggs”

  9. Halloween - just like your mom, you have taken a liking to all things scary! You love vampires and ghosts!?!?

  10. The beach. You still love the beach and honestly I love seeing your face light up when you run in and out of the waves! You are in your element. Recently we have started going to watch dad surf and you stand on his board too. 

  11. Ice cream. You often pretend to have an ice cream shop and sell dad and I ice cream of all flavours!

  12. Your imaginary baby seal. This is fairly new - you tell us you have a baby seal on your back. You even cup your hand and help him down to join us for picnics etc. It is SO cute.

  13. When Dad fetches you from school you go to the beach so you can drive the car

  14. You love tree tunnels

  15. Making and eating pancakes with Dad

  16. Making coffee in the morning with one of us - you get very cross if we go before you have woken up to make coffee!

  17. Cookies - more than sweeties even. Especially “eyes cookies” (AKA jolly jammers)

  18. Peanut butter sandwich at night - we think this is just so u can have more time with mom and dad more then anything:)

Thank you my angel boy….you give mommy the best cuddles in the whole world and you have the kindest, most amazing soul. You are sensitive - but thats a good thing. You are also tough and VERY strong willed. Also good traits when used well. 

You keep me and your dad on our toes and we cannot imagine life without you. 

You will be giving your dummy to the dummy fairy soon and I know it will be hard - but you can handle it. We are so proud of you. 

Happy birthday my sweetheart.



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