• Melissa Tuck

A letter to my son - Adam

Dear Adam  I can’t believe you are nearly two years old! In some ways it feels like the time has flown by and in others it feels like you have been around forever because I can’t remember life without you.  So here are a few things about you at this age:

  1. You LOVE trains. In fact I am pretty sure after the word car the next word you learnt was train. You love seeing them on our drives in the morning to daycare. 

  2. You have quite the vocabulary going now e.g: mommy, daddy, phoebe, NO, car, train, aeroplane (aeropwane), shoes, sweet (seet), juice (duce), dog, meow (cat), gan (gran), sofie (ofie), doogie, cook (which you LOVE) keek (cake), cookie, swimming, fishy, shoes, DUMMY, day (dave/bunny)  ETC ETC - you know a lot of words now! 

  3. You have all your teeth except your back molars which are coming through at the moment (OUCHIE)

  4. You love to cook - I think you get this from your mommy, but you absolutely love to cook and watch us cook. 

  5. Your favourite foods are cookies, seets, duce, keek

  6. You are becoming fiercely independent - you dont like mommy to dress you or tell you when to eat or anything, you want to decide for yourself. 

  7. You have a few time outs each day - you are rather naughty!!!

  8. When you don’t feel well you just want your mommy, daddy will not do!

  9. You love your dummy and bunny very much. We have no idea why but you call your bunny “day” and if you request these items and we do not have them on us we are in big trouble.

  10. You like to run away from us at bath time 

  11. You enjoy reading the encyclopaedia with dad at bedtime. 

  12. You HATE having to lie down for a nappy change, in fact we have had to do it standing for the past few weeks and will continue to do so. 

  13. You love to learn and daycare says you are an excellent listener 

  14. You give the BEST hugs in the WHOLE world, even the rough ones are amazing

  15. You fall a million times a day. You hardly cry over that though

So now that you know a bit about yourself, here are some things I would like to thank you for. 

  1. Thank you for showing me what it feels like to love someone before you even meet them

  2. Thank you for showing me what it’s like to love someone so completely that I lose myself 

  3.  Thank you for brightening even my hardest days with your amazing smile and your even more amazing hugs

  4. Thank you for the early morning cuddles and having tea in bed with mom 

  5. Thank you for making me laugh a hundred times a day - you really are the funniest person i know

  6. Thank you for reminding me it’s cool to be silly 

  7. Thank you for being a good listener when mom chats away about her problems 

  8. Thank you for our walks in the forest looking for squirrels - I hate to tell you but whacking the tree with a stick is not going to bring them out;)

  9. Thank you for your kisses - as uncoordinated as they are they are the best kisses I’ve ever had!

  10. Thank you for forgiving me when I am not the best mom, you never hold a grudge!

  11. Thank you for loving me unconditionally

  12. Thank you for every early wake up - it meant i got more hours in the day with you

Thank you for being you - feisty, independent, freakishly strong, smart and gorgeous.  Love Mom xxxxxxxxxx



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