#SlowSundays – Dessert – Chocolate and Cherry Chia Pudding


Chia puddings are the best. And good for you too. If you think this is not a decadent dessert your wrong it really is while being healthy at the same time. These need time to set in the fridge so it’s best if you make them in the morning or even the night before.


6 tbsp chia seeds

1 cup coconut milk

1/2 cup cream

1 tbsp almond butter

half a slab dark chocolate

punnet of cherries, pitted

1 tbsp coconut sugar


To make the cherry layer, simply blend your cherries with the coconut milk. Stir in the coconut sugar. Add 4 tbsp of chia seeds and put in the fridge for a few hours.

To make the chocolate layer, melt the choc over a water bath. Add the cream and almond butter. Stir until incorporated. Let it cool down and add the remaining chia seeds to this mixture. Place in fridge for a few hours.

wpid-20150802_145853.jpg wpid-20150802_150014.jpg wpid-20150802_150150.jpg

To serve, spoon some cherry pudding in the bottom of a glass and then spoon some chocolate pudding on top. Top off with grated chocolate and cherries if you like.


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