Pineapple & passion fridge tart

This was a staple at gran’s dinner parties growing up, as I’m sure many south africans can attest to. Fridge tarts are always in our recipe repertoire as they are easy, tasty and go with our climate.



1 tin condensed milk

1 tub of whipping cream

1 sachet of pineapple jelly (plus 1 tsp extra gelatine powder for a quicker set – if you not pressed for time don’t worry about it)

2 x tins granadilla pulp

1 large packet of tennis biscuits

2 tbsp butter, melted


First, crush your biscuits by putting them your processor and blitzing, or just in a bag and bash away with a bottle. Add the melted butter and stir.


Put the biscuits in the bottom of the dish you want to serve in, or a cake tin. Press down firmly.


Make your jelly according to packet instructions and set aside to cool down slightly.

Whisk your cream until thick and fluffy. Add your tin of condensed milk, folding it into the cream gently. Add the granadilla tins, gently stir.

Snip20160410_40 Snip20160410_39

Add your jelly mix and stir one last time.

Pour onto biscuit base, and put into fridge. If you used the extra gelatine cheat – it will be set within an hour and a half. If not, it will need about 3 or 4 hours.


Slice and serve!


P.s РThis was round 2. In round 1 Рthe base of the tin fell out as i was picking it up to put it in the fridge.  Needless to say there were tears. See mess below

Note to self – triple check base of tart tin before you put any mixture in it.


Let me know what you think!